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Let's enjoy a lovely day with a Bag!

A bag can make you feel like having fun. It can make you smile and have a happy day even when the weather is miserable and life is hard. So Here are my fun, chic, cute, happy bags that are waiting to go out with you, dangling from your hand or over your shoulder.

Please take a look at my collection to find one for you. No one else, Just for you!


Lovely Raffia Yarns + a Hook + Love & Passion = ATOTHE, Handmade Crochet Bags

We aim to use eco-friendly materials to keep our environment safer for us and our children.

We use Kraft paper fabric for the label which is washable and 100% Compostable mail bags for delivery.

We do not use any zips, studs, magnetics, buttons or any unnecessary stickers, flyers or extra tags, trying not to provide any additional waste for customers and our planet.

Let’s Keep Loving and Caring for our planet, Earth!



Hi, I am Ina, a full-time mum, living with my family in London.

Why I started crocheting?

 I lived on the other side of the world a few years ago. I had a hard and bumpy time. I needed something to keep me busy to get through it, so I started learning to crochet. Since then, Crochet has been part of my life. I'd like to recommend crocheting or knitting who need to get through difficult days. Just start and make something for you or anything, even for an hour.

Anything to say to whoever is interested in A2T bags?

As a full-time mum, I have little 'Me time', so I am able to make small quantities of each design. All I can say is that I love what I do and what I make, so I want to share some of my work with you. Also, I proudly say that each one of them is made with my love and passion.

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